5/19/2016 [Comic Book Day] Deadpool: Dead Presidents

Deadpool - Dead Presidents


This is the first issue of the third volume for Deadpool, and is part of the Marvel NOW! Storyline.


My impressions:

It’s a great starting point, sort of, though I felt many of the more comic-oriented jokes were outlined for comic-readers. As a person who’s new to comics, it feels I’m not in the club yet so I don’t get all the club jokes… but I do understand why they are in there. They’re trying to appeal to an audience, new and old.


As a person new to the fine art of comics, it was bittersweet. It filled my expectations to a great degree but also spent a great deal of time letting me down.


Example, in the case of its successes, many of the grandiose sequences toward the end of it’s issue… starting perhaps with chapter 4 beginning with a Marilyn Monroe Deadpool putting an enchanted sword in the heart of a Zombie JFK and ending in a Hell in the Cell Deathmatch in Vegas with Abe Lincoln is highly amusing. The remaining chapters, such as chapter 5 battling in outer space with Ronald Reagan and chapter 6 all-Hell-and-action breaks loose is entertaining.


Example, in the case of its failures, it had many a fine opportunity to truly capitalize on the puns and hilarious quarks of American history. I’m not putting it down on all fronts here. Taft in a bath, FDR puns, Gerald Ford, a number of presidents got their kudos and proper due treatment; and when it worked, boy did it work. But just as many times as it worked there was enough times it didn’t, and it just seemed like many of the dead presidents seemed lifeless as the zombies they were. Too general. If a president came from a time before the automobile, instead of making a contribution known to that president, they opt for a generic “onward to the horseless carriage”.


A comic that inspired me to look at comics was Watchmen. In every panel and juxtaposing panel is an idea, small ideas and big pictures. This comic is not so well-constructed. Each panel is leading to “A” conclusion, but each panel is not its own set of conclusions leading to acute and grand conclusions. Ultimately, it’s very run of the mill to me. Nothing too special.


What it accomplishes in action it loses in the art and craft I feel. If you’re going in it for the action, I’m assuming you could find a better source elsewhere. While the final 3 chapters remain a wonderful investment, surely your capital of time could go to better places.




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