5/20/2016 – 5/21/2016 [Comic Book Days] Deadpool: Soul Hunter

This is the second issue of the third volume for Deadpool, and is a part of the Marvel NOW! Storyline.


Deadpool - Soul Hunter

My impressions:

This is what I had been waiting for for sometime in my comic book experience. To be honest, much about what I had felt about American Comics is that they were written by fan-boy nerds who loved inside jokes. There is still a fair share amount of that in here, if you are unfamiliar with the backgrounds of say Spider-man, his villains, or Daredevil, some of the references Deadpool spews out as jokes are completely lost on the reader. Not to worry though, I’m sure these fan-boy insider jokes will come to me with time. Ultimately though, that is not this comics strong suit, nor is it claiming to be.


Where the comic succeeds is not in references to others, or insider jokes, but where it holds its own. In it’s own universal jokes and it’s own story, holding it’s own. It stands tall. Much of the enjoyment I had from reading it came from some of it’s adult material, and much of the enjoyment I had from laughing at the book came from it’s universal humor.


Where I gripe about comics being written by fan-boy nerds who love inside jokes or references, perhaps this may not bother me in too many degrees. A comic is written for everyone, the beginner and the more advanced reader, suddenly it does incite a person to get a better background in the sources.


What I thoroughly enjoy about these Deadpool comics thus far, is they start with a joke… but the joke is carried into a serious, and interesting, action-adventure rabbit hole. This comic starts out as a complete joke, but each chapter of soul hunting seems to bring the initial joke darker and darker into the underground until it reaches a meltdown point. The meltdown is usually very enjoyable and page turning.


I’m enjoying my time with these comic books. I do have a fair degree of criticism of them, but my enjoyment of the medium has come well before the criticism. I had the same feelings with my movie passions. I loved movies passionately, but hated their construction. I think such attitude applies here, I have a fair share amount of things I hate about comics, but I’m so deeply passionate about many of it’s successes.


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