5/22/2016 [Comic Book Day] Deadpool: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is the third issue of the third volume for Deadpool, and is part of the Marvel NOW! Storyline.

Deadpool - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

My impressions:

The formula for these Deadpool comics seems to a plot that kick-starts with a joke, then seems to rapidly decent into a pit of an action-adventure Hell. Not in the context that this Hell is a bad thing, as I’ve read these comics, these Hells are more often than not rather amusing and highly entertaining. Many comics and manga are formulaic, One Piece is the best example I can think of of a consistent formulaic structure that has lasted damn-near 20 years… but formulas work as long as the author gets innovative. These people over at Deadpool do I believe.

The cons: As a one off, (although they seem to be preparing for further installments in the series), the relationship between Caramalita and Deadpool starts off as a one-off humorous entanglement that seems to get much more serious down the road. However, since there seems to be little mention of her or his entanglement with her, his ending sequence with her in the pits of his very own personal Hell seem to me less impactful. If however, there had been more of a lead on throughout the comic, a build really, maybe that moment would have a little more relevance. As it stood alone however, so so little context for any of this and it just comes across like it was written in by a high school student.

The pros: Outside of this one con, this comic really did ignite a greater interest in comics. Granted not like EC Comics or Watchmen that I’ve read thus far, (I’d say that’s more high-brow art), but for mindless entertainment purposes, this really did fit the bill. From outset this comic starts off with a really classy joke set-up that descends into the recesses of madness and Hell that was completely thrilling. What I also liked, (again being new to comics), is characters I don’t know much or anything about, like Captain America or Wolverine, I really was “shown” who these characters were. What I mean is, Wolverine and his sense of smell, his backstory (to a degree), Captain America and the Boy Scouts, his backstory and character (to a degree), all were “shown” and illustrated in the comic so for a newcomer you had an idea about who these people where.

Overall, as a entertainment piece it does deliver. I keep thinking to myself however that these issues could be done to a greater degree. Somehow the comedy is good, but not funny enough, and the action is good, but the action seems stale. The thrill is there to a degree, but its too toned down to achieve any real high marks or accolades with me. All the same, the journey has been enjoyable thus far, so I’ll keep at it. Sometime you have to wade through shit to find gold.


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